Monday, January 2, 2012

Tour Will Kick Off Soon

The holidays have put us a bit behind in our preparations for our tour, but we kick off in three days ready or not.  I am waiting to complete a few last minute details and then I will be sending out an e-mail with further information to all of the studios on our schedule.  Many studios on the schedule for January will have received a message asking to confirm your class time or studio address.  Please look for these and respond as quickly as possible.

If we have sent you a contract, whether for the current tour or our summer tour, we would appreciate it if you could get that back to us before our departure.  Because there is no mail on January 2, if you have not already mailed the contract please call or e-mail to make arrangements to take care of the deposit with a credit card so it can be done before we leave.  Studios that have been reserving a date for more than two weeks by the time we depart will be removed from our itinerary.  Thank you for your help and consideration.