Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking Forward

I had intended to use a photo to illustrate this, but alas, our hotel's internet connection seems to be rather slow in the uploading department.

We are now in the Atlanta area about two weeks into our tour and we have had many wonderful classes, meeting new friends and old.  We love the opportunity to travel America and work with so many great people.  We're thinking about ways to keep the class tours coming even as we step out in new directions.

Looking forward to the summer of 2013, we are considering hosting a pair of week long workshops.  We would like your feedback and ideas.  Let us know if you think either of these workshops might be of interest and what you would like to see included in them, how far you think you might be able to travel to attend and so on. 

The first would be a workshop just for teachers.  The second idea is for a special workshop for the male dancer.  Most studios have only a few teachers and a few boys, so having a workshop in one place, and bringing you together would give us an opportunity to give some focused attention.  We would also be interested to hear from studios who might have an interest in hosting either of these workshops at your studio.  Please send your thoughts and feedback to us at

Apologies for not writing extensively about our travels here as I have sometimes done in years past.  Doing the tour and writing about it at the same time is a bit much for me.  You can keep up with some photos of our travels by "friending" Valery Lantratov on Facebook via the link on the right.