Friday, June 12, 2009

Premier Pas

There is a tradition that our tours begin with terrible weather, the better to test our mettle. Last winter, we started in a blizzard in Northvile, Michigan. Interestingly our tour will end in late August in Northville as well.

Yesterday, we headed from Michigan to Ohio past some favorite cities we will unfortunately not be visiting this year. As we gazed out through the water fall of rain, Valery Lantratov asked me about Monroe, Lincoln Park and Maumee.

In spite of our travel challenges, it was a great pleasure to begin in one of our favorite studios, Upstage Downtown Dance in Celina, Ohio. This is our third visit to the studio, the last time was in February, and our itinerary has usually brought us in through Indiana rather than from the North. We had the opportunity to get a nice view of the lakes surrounding this jewel of Western Ohio.

In class, Valery unveiled his new music and new combinations. It was a great beginning, and today we're off to Sidney, Ohio for two classes in a new studio for us , Sharon's school of Dance.