Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to Get Laura Lee's Next Book for Free

You may have noticed that this blog has not been updated as frequently lately as in the past. Here is why I (Laura Lee) have sold a new book called Broke is Beautiful to Running Press. The publisher is so enthusiastic about it that they are rushing it out. It is already listed in their spring catalog. (This is major rushing by publishing standards)

Order a book from my website by the end of the month and you will not only get a personally autographed copy of that book, but also an absolutely free autographed copy of Broke is Beautiful the moment they come off the presses. You will be one of the first people in the world to see it! (Note: There are only three copies left of A Child's Introduction to Ballet)

I am hard at work lining up last minute classes and trying to get the book as complete as possible before we get on the road on June 9.