Monday, September 1, 2008

Poems of the Dance

For a lover of books and history, Google Books, which is working with univeristy libraries to digitize old works, is a treasure. I have forever taken great joy in walking through dusty shelves and pulling down old volumes to become aquainted with minds from another era. Now you can do the same without the dust. (Eyestrain is the trade off)

I hope that ever-lengthening copyright terms, or ever-shortening attention spans, do not rob future generations of the great joy of rediscovering works created in our day.

I discovered a 1921 volume called Poems of the Dance, edited by Edward R. Dickson. In it was a lovely poem by Mary Carolyn Davies. I believe the book to be in the public domain and so I am sharing it in its entirety here. Enjoy.


God's in me when I dance.
God, making
Spring Out of his thoughts
And building worlds
By wishing.
God Laughing at his own
Queer fancies,
Standing awed,
And sobbing;
Creating —
God's in me When I dance.