Monday, August 18, 2008

What A Feeling

"She has danced into the danger zone where the dancer becomes the dance..."-lyrics, Maniac from the film Flashdance.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the setting of the dance film "Flashdance." (Don't feel too bad if you don't dance like Jennifer Beals in this clip from the original movie. She doesn't either. The big dance number at the end featured two dancers and a gymnast in addition to Beals' beautiful face. The break dancer is a man!)

Pittsburgh is also one of America's most underrated towns. Pennsylvania's second largest city, with its reputation as a working-man's land of coal and steel is an attractive confluence of mountains and rivers and Valery Lantratov and I count it as one of our favorites. This is our second visit together to the city, but our first time teaching here. Next time perhaps we'll have enough time to experience the down town, cut in half by Mount Washington; and we'll be able to ride up it on the Duquense Incline.

We were very pleased that the Janet Hayes School of Dance was able to invite us on short notice to make up for some earlier cancellations.

The studio is in a hilly, wooded area in a large building. We had a warm reception and "great emotion" for this class.

Yep, we're steel-town folk.