Thursday, August 7, 2008

Take Me to My Maumee!

We had classes in two states on August 7. It's much less impressive than it sounds, though. Temperance, home of the Bedford Dance Academy, is in Michigan but is essentially part of the Toledo, Ohio metro area, as is Maumee, Ohio the setting for our second class at the On Q Dance Center.

We hadn't been to Temperance (pictured above) in a while, and it gave us a little pang of nostalgia, because it was the first studio we ever taught at when we began our educational tour project two years ago. We were very pleased to be invited back.

And, of course, it is always a pleasure to make new friends as we did at On Q. The studio, with its bright red walls, was great for photographs. Everything just seems to "pop" in there. If this picture isn't enough, the studio has its own gallery on its web page.

Ohio is one of the states where I (Laura Lee) lived in the past. I spent some of my youth in Bowling Green, not far from Maumee and Temperance. We lived right behind the "Beer, Wine and Plumbing Store." I swear I am not making that up.

My family used to joke that there must be a state law that every sign in Ohio had to be missing at least one letter. That law may have been rescinded and moved to South Carolina, based on information from more recent journies. (The Carolinas also seem to have a law against consecutive numbering of expressway exits) But even so, I thought our entry into Ohio would be a good excuse to share with you some of my favorite advertising signs from the tour:

"Only Rocks and Dirt"

"Free Stuff-- Behind McDonalds"

Then there are the signs that suffer from a lack of punctuation:

"Always Save Ice Cream" (I thought this might be a political statement)

and "Free Wireless High Speed Microfridge"

Incidentally, did you know that Ohio is the only state in the union with an "offical rock song?" Two points if you can name it. (Answer below) The Buckeye State also has a state fossil: Isotelus; a state beverage: tomato juice and a state reptile: the black racer.

Hang On Sloopy - McCoys