Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Free Day with Flowers

On August 9 we had another unexpected free day due to class cancellations.

While unexpected, it wasn't entirely unwelcome as it gave us an opportunity to do some rare sightseeing.

We passed up Cleveland's Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and visited the Cultural Gardens, a lesser known local attraction.

The area is made up of gardens honoring the various nationalities that populated the Cleveland area. There are statues of the great poets and composers of such nations as Germany, Ukraine, England and India.

We also used the opportunity to photograph some of the lovely flowers growing there. We were so pleased with the results that we decided to offer some of the images on notecards in our online store. (View the "floral gifts" section.)

Thank you to Shane and Jennifer Hunter for hosting us, and for showing us the tourist side of Cleveland.