Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mirror Image

The landmark that caught my attention on this day's journey was the "Praise the Lord Church" on US 30. I was hoping to find more information about it on the Internet, but try typing "Praise the Lord" and "church" into Google and you'll see that the results are not very specific.

The route from Fort Wayne to Valparaiso, even considering the time change, was shorter than our Mapquest estimate. We had some time to sit in the parking lot next to a wall of long grass waving in the wind like ocean waves. My greatest moment communing with nature came, rather ironically, in an Indiana parking lot. Touring is like that.

The Mirror Image Dance Studio, as you can see, is spacious. Valery spent some time before class admiring a well-equipped play area in the corner for the young ones. He also admired the progress the students have made since we visited this school a year ago.

Thank you again to Deanna Gallardo for inviting us.

Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson