Monday, July 21, 2008

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Most of the areas where we've traveled since leaving Tampa have had little population. We drive for miles without seeing a house or a store.

Then you come to Bowling Green, Kentucky and it is like the whole place was rolled and coated in strip mall dust. I have to admit to being a little disappointed in the city of Bowling Green. Growing up in Bowling Green, Ohio I had always heard that our town was named after Bowling Green, Kentucky, some founder was nostaglic for his home town.

I always had a romantic image of the original Bowling Green with horses grazing on rolling hills covered in Kentucky blue grass. (I don't really know what blue grass looks like, I just know they have it)

I suppose it is still true that Bowling Green, Ohio resembles Bowling Green, Kentucky in the sense that every American city is starting to resemble every other one.

We were not at all disappointed, however, with Dance Arts of Bowling Green. In fact, we loved this studio. The students in all three levels were attentive, focused and in good spirits. We had a lot of fun, and hope the students did too.

We hope to have the opportunity to work with these students again, and maybe we'll have a chance to explore the more scenic side of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Another Suitcase In Another Hall - Andrew Lloyd Webber