Sunday, June 22, 2008

Virginia's Tallest Town

Bluefield, Virginia is apparently known as "Virginia's Tallest Town." (This is Valery Lantratov looking tall.)

After seven days of classes in West Virginia we drove all the way to Virginia for our next classes at the Starz School of Dance. This sounds like a much more impressive travel feat than it is. Our hotel was in Bluefield, West Virginia, and the studio was only a few miles away.

The school's mission, in fact, says that the staff "takes pride in offering the two Virginias the very best in dance & performing arts education."

We experienced hail a surprising number of times in our June travels. We were pelted in Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia. Although it was a particularly hot day, another hail storm fell during our first (younger class) with a staccato tap on the metal roof. So far this has been the last hail storm we've encountered. Maybe it was because the city is so tall. Thank you to Lisa Colombo for inviting us to this studio.

This is, incidentally, only one of two studios named "Starz" that we will visit on this tour. The second is a return to the Starz School in Wauseon, Ohio (near Toledo), which will be our final class.