Sunday, June 29, 2008

Plasmodesmata and Tire Pressure

We were in Georgia when our back tire blew out. Although the Georgia heat is not the most conducive to easy tire changes at the side of an Interstate, it could surely have been worse.

As it happens, the Alice De Pass Studio is right behind a tire place, so we rolled in on the sapce saver spare and we were able to have a couple of new tires put on while we danced.

After the tires were replaced, a familiar rattle disappeared. So the blow out indirectly made the rest of our trip much more comfortable. (Of course, we could have had comfort without the blow out with a little forethought and advanced work. )

My favorite bit of trivia about Watkinsville, Georgia is that it is where researchers discovered plasmodesmata. I don't know what that is, but it sounds cool.

More significant for our purposes is that Watkinsville is home to the Alice DePass Studio of Dance. It is a ballet focused studio where they "believe that movement is fundamental to life, and that dance provides an opportunity to develop rhythm, strength, coordination, flexibility, and fluidity of motion while building character and self-esteem."

A big thanks to all the parents and teachers who helped us by going and collecting the keys during the grand battements and to everyone who helped make this day a success.

Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles