Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gymnastics in North Carolina

Because of the Olympus Camera void, I have no pictures to show from Dance Works in Youngville, North Carolina-- our only stop in one of our favorite states on this tour. What is more, I never really got very good pictures when we were at this studio last winter. But this one is kind of cool, what with the magic invisible legs and all.

Thank you to Courtney and Shelly Leone for inviting us back.

Dance Works is one of two primarily gymnastic studios we would visit on this tour. The second will be in Florida. Gymnastic students are usually quick studies with a good kinetic sense, but a slightly different style of movement.

If you're interested in the ballet vs. gymnastics question and whether ballet is a sport or gymnastics and art, there is a whole forum to discuss it on Ballet Talk for dancers. This leads me to my second discussion question-- why do Internet forums always devolve into mean spirited name calling?

Olympic fanfare - John Willians