Saturday, June 14, 2008

Newark, Ohio June 14, 2008

This is a picture of Valery Lantratov demonstrating "scary fingers" at the first stop on our tour, The Ballet Academy in Newark, Ohio.

If you've had a class with Valery, you know that he puts a lot of focus on epaulement and the carriage of arms and fingers and "scary fingers" are something you do not want to have.

Newark (not to be confused with Newark, New Jersey) is located in Licking County in Central Ohio. Its residents thought Licking County a preferable name to the older "Mud Pike" and "Conine." It was named for nothing more salacious than a lapping waterway.

It is in a mostly rural area where Alaina Schraufnagel was recently crowned the 2008 Licking County goat queen. According to the Newark Advocate: "Schraufnagel was selected after writing an essay, being interviewed and taking a test over the general knowledge of dairy, meat and breeding goats. She will represent all the goat shows at the Hartford Fair and pass out awards. Her responsibilities include attendance at the goat-milking contest and the goat sale."

The Advocate also ran a story on Valery Lantratov's visit. His responsibilities included teaching ballet technique and correcting "scary fingers" wherever he saw them.

In small towns you often find well-attended and managed studios like the Ballet Academy. The study of ballet is by no means limited to large urban areas. That's why we love having the chance to come to cities and towns of all sizes and configurations.

Our stay in Newark was a great way to kick off the tour, and we hope to come back in the future.

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