Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bloggers and Ballerina Bytes

In my never ending quest to bring new ballet related resources to you, I stumbled across a dance related blog with a sense of humor: Dance Like the Bloggers are Watching.

The picture to the left is from a technology story about a "ballet dancing" robot.

"We’ve learned from io9 that Merlin Robotics (”creators of robots for people”) has invented a ballet-dancing robot. We’re skeptical. It has no arms, for one thing, which makes port de bras tricky. And that’s to say nothing of its pas de chat capabilities," the site's author writes. (Although she uses the royal "we" I think it is one person)

I couldn't improve on that observation, so I just thought I'd pass it along.

While we're talking about dance blogging... At the moment Valery Lantratov and I are preparing to launch our three month educational tour. I am making all the last minute arrangments, booking hotels, printing out maps and contacting schools to make sure they remember we're coming. In the meantime, my latest book Schadenfreude, Baby! has just been released, and I'm working on promoting it, including launching yet another blog. That's not even mentioning the packing and the "friendship maitenence" on Myspace and Facebook.

So I'm hoping you can help me out a bit. If you're in a class with Valery Lantratov this summer, maybe you could write a little something about it and either post it in the comments section or e-mail it to Or if you come across any dance stories you think other dancers would find interesting, please let us know.