Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Valery Lantratov Answers Your Questions

Here they are! You submitted your ballet questions to Valery Lantratov and he has answered. I interviewed the director of the Russian National Ballet Foundation by telelphone from Moscow where he has been creating a new ballet based on the story of the goddess Aphrodite for a festival in Cyprus.

Each segment is in MP3 format and can be streamed or downloaded. You will hear my question, the voice of the translator, Yulia Coe, Valery Lantratov's answer, and then the English translation of his answer.

Here's what you wanted to know:

In the first clip, Valery responds to a question sent by Veronica of the New Cumberland School of Ballet in New Cumberland, PA.

How did Valery get started in ballet in the first place?

The second question, submitted by Carissa a parent of a student at the Lake School of Dance in St. Albans, WV.

What is the earliest age a child should start taking ballet?

In the third segment, Valery discusses the teaching styles of Vladimir Vasiliev and Ekaterina Maximova when Brianna of Creative Arts Unlimited in Fort Myers, Florida asks:

Who was Valery's first teacher and who was his most famous teacher?

Marissa from Queen City Ballet School in Helena, MT wants to know:

What was the most difficult move for him to exectue?

Sarah of Hilde's Gymnastics and Dance Academy of Crown Point, IN was the winner of our contest and will receive a copy of A Child's Introduction to Ballet signed by Valery Lantratov and author Laura Lee. Sarah has recently had to take a break from dancing because of a foot injury. She asked:

Have you ever had an injury that kept you from dancing, and what did you do when you couldn't dance?

Autumn, a student at the Dance Center in Port Jervis, NY posed a question about ballets that require a dancer to portray dark emotions.

How do you stand out in a ballet that doesn't require you to smile?

Evelyn from Creative Arts Unlimited in Fort Myers, Florida asked:

Have you ever been in a competition?

Shannon, a parent of a student at the Anaheim Ballet School asked:

Do you prefer to dance to live or recorded music?

Another "ballet mom" Jenny of Vancouver Washington posed the final question:

What, besides encouragement, should a parent do to help a child succeed in ballet?

And in the last segment, Valery gives his concluding thoughts and discusses the value of being a well-rounded person, not just a ballet dancer.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question for this interview. If you enjoyed it, you can find more interviews with Valery Lantratov by clicking on "podcast" in the links below or on the link in the right navigational menu.