Sunday, April 27, 2008

Resource of the Day: VoxDance.Com and News from the World of Dance

Before I get to the Resource of the Day, I wanted to remind you to listen to the interview with Valery Lantratov, which you can find in the next post. He took questions submitted by dance students across the country. Did he answer yours? Also, Valery Lantratov is now on Facebook. We haven't quite gotten the hang of Facebook yet, and Valery is once again without friends. So if you're a Facebooker, won't you be our friend?

Tired of sifting through videos of the "Don't Taze Me Bro" guy and the Korean baby singing "Hey Jude" to find quality ballet clips on You Tube? VoxDance has done the work for you. The site is a combination storefront and You Tube showcase, but its dance theme means dance fans are much more likely to find something they want to see. VoxDance also tries to put the clips into context by providing some background information, such as a dancer's biography, along with the video.

The clip below of Farukh Ruzimatov is something I found through Voxdance.

There is a Valery Lantratov connection to this particular clip. Lantratov portrayed Czar Nicholas II in the 2004 production of the new ballet Rasputin, with Ruzimatov in the title role.

For our Russian readers: Here are links to two Russian language articles on that production. The first is an interview with Valery Lantratov on the controversy surrounding the production. The second is a review from the journal Ballet.

Unfortunately my Russian is limited, but according to Babel Fish, here's what it says: "Valerie lantratov, in my view, very interestingly treats the party of Nikolai OF THIS II artist characteristically deep meaningful beginning. Lantratov - very expressive artist, the thinking dancer and therefore in it is obtained not simply dancing party, but entire role, role deeply comprehended."

(Apparently Babel Fish's Russian is limited too)

Finally, some Rasputin related:

News from the World of Dance

A new production of the Soviet classic Spartacus premiered Tuesday at the Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia with Denis Matvieyko in the title role and Irina Perren as Valeria. The St. Petersburg Times notes it "is not just another opening of another show but an important event for cultural life in St. Petersburg. After all, the director of the ballet, Georgy Kovtun, says that it should be “suicide” to stage Spartacus in St. Petersburg because every new version is compared to the legendary original staging at the Mariinsky Theater by choreographer Leonid Yakobson in 1956."

The article notes that among director Kovtun's best-known works is the ballet Rasputin, which he created for dancer Farukh Ruzimatov at the St. Petersburg Ballet and Opera Conservatoire. You can read the entire article by following the link above, or visit the Mikhailovsky Theater's web page.