Wednesday, April 16, 2008

News from the World of Dance

News from the World of Ballet

The Independent of London published a review of a performance by Ballet Black a "small but determined" company which hopes to create more role models for non-white ballet dancers. The British company, made up of black and Asian dancers, has a grass roots mission to reach young people through school programs and outreach.

"Our ultimate goal," they write on their web page, "is to see a fundamental change in the number of black and Asian dancers in mainstream ballet companies, making Ballet Black wonderfully unnecessary."

You can read the full review here.

In other news: On April 20, The Oregon Ballet Foundation set a new world's record for the world's largest ballet class. The Oregon Ballet Foundation beat South African Ballet Theatre's record of 551 by 27 participants.

Quote of the Day

"Each art is an image of the world. Each composer depits it through sounds, artists through paints, writers use words, and a choreographer uses the expressive means of the human body."-Igor Moiseyev