Monday, March 17, 2008

Singing The Body Electric Part II

You may recall that in my February 6 entry: "I Sing the Body Electric," I talked about the anecdotal evidence that the arts, especially dance, tend to be underfunded and de-emphasized in schools.

Today I read some good news from across the pond. A British television documentary has inspired the government to launch a new program. Six new “centres of excellence” where talented youngsters can receive intensive dance training after school and at weekends will target inner-city youths.

The grant-funded schools will feed the Royal Ballet School in London, offering the most talented pupils the opportunity to become professionals.

According to an article in the London Times, the program came about because ministers were impressed by a Channel 4 documentary, Ballet Hoo!, in which at-risk youths were introduced to classical dance.

We are interested to learn more about dance education in your schools. Does your school have a dance program? Have you seen any local stories about funding for the arts in your schools? Let us know what is happening out there by posting comments.