Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Southernmost City

Have you ever heard of Myers, Florida? We haven't either. Fort Myers was named for an actual military fort, which was named for a General Abraham Myers. For a while in the 1890s, the powers that be decided to rid the town's name of its military associations and just call it "Myers." The people who lived there said, "Yeah, whatever," and kept calling it Fort Myers. So the word "Fort" was quietly penciled back in on the maps. It's officially been Fort Myers ever since.

On February 7 we had two classes at the Creative Arts Dance Center in this city, which marked the Southernmost point on our journey.

Located in a strip mall near a "Green Wal Mart,"* Creative Arts has elevated wood-sprung dance floor, floor to ceiling mirrors, all tied together with a lavender color scheme.

We had two classes and a very warm welcome at this studio. After class they asked Valery to write something on the mural wall which you can see behind him reflected in the mirror.

The studio also posted some pictures of the event on their web page.

It was the beginning of the I-75 portion of our trip as well. From here we would largely follow I-75 all the way to Michigan. This is the same road we took to St. Ignace in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. [We visited St. Ignace on one of Valery's first educational tours. Unfortunately, Caroline June's Just Dance studio closed when she moved downstate. If anyone has a studio in the UP, we'd love to have another excuse to come to this part of the world]

We have traveled nearly the entire length of this interstate and we could look at that pavement baking in the Florida sun and imagine it as a ribbon that stretched straight across the Mackinac Bridge. Amazing.

If you want to see something interesting in the winter, there is an I-75 information web page which keeps a list of temperatures from points north to south along its route.

*What is a Green WalMart?