Monday, February 4, 2008

An All America City

Ocala, Florida has been recognized as the fifth best place to live in America as well as the 11th "Most Liveable Small City" by Money Magazine. Maybe this has something to do with its dance studio, Mary Ellen School of Dance.

Ocala is an "All-America" city. Valery found this sign fairly amusing, "Of course it's an American city. It's not in Germany. It's not in China."

I didn't know what an All-American city was, so I couldn't really help him out there.

We continued to be surprised and delighted to find summer temperatures in Florida at this point, and enjoyed the Schadenfreude of seeing television images of big snow storms back in the midwest.

The studio itself was spacious and bright with a good floor. Good floors make such a difference! Thank you to Mary Ellen and to Jessica Sorrels for hosting us.