Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meadville, Pennsylvania

Even though we are in the middle of a winter tour, we did not encounter any snow storms worthy of the term until we got to Meadville, a town in Western Pennsylvania. In one of my former lives, I lived in North West Pennsylvania, and so I have a great fondness for its small towns. Most are situated in mountain valleys that resist the kind of big box development prevalent in most suburbs.

Along with the Allegro Dance Arts Studio, Meadville's other claim to fame is as the hometown of Basic Instinct actress Sharon Stone. (For those who love to play the six degrees of separation game... One of my acquaintences when I lived in this part of Pennsylvania had Sharon Stone as a babysitter when she was a girl... that makes me... two degrees from movie stardom?)

My first impression was that the class at Allegro, in spite of the shoveling, was absolutely huge. When I actually took the time to count, however, I saw that there were about 25 students. The illusion of huge size had to do with the long, narrow studio and the placement of students along one very long barre in the center.

Only one more class and we'll have wrapped up another great tour.