Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flushing, Michigan

"Reach for your star," is the slogan spelled out in huge letters on the wall of the newly renovated Judy's School of Dance in Flushing, Michigan where we had two classes. Flushing is located just north of Flint. If the name "Flushing" conjures up images of indoor plumbing, you may be wondering just where that moniker came from. Flushing, Michigan was named after Flushing, New York. So there you go.

What not satisfied? Ok, here is where Flushing, New York got its name: from Vlissingen, Holland which translates to "Flushing." Happy now?

I'll conclue with another quote that is stenciled on Judy's wall: "If I could tell you what I mean, there would be no point in dancing."-Isadora Duncan.