Thursday, February 21, 2008

Arts Castle

We have a new entry in the "most picturesque facade" competition.

When we booked a class at the Arts Castle in Delaware, OH; we didn't expect that it would be an actual castle.

Located in the historic George W. Campbell home, built in 1854, the Arts Castle offers classes in all manner of arts from ceramics and cooking to tai chi.

After its life as Mr. Campbell's home the building served as Ohio Wesleyan University's Lyon Art Hall for many years.

The ballet class was upstairs in a converted ballroom. It brought to mind the game Clue. "Mr. Lantratov in the ballroom with the candlestick..."

It was our first class on this tour with visions of snow falling past the window, and is the only studio so far to boast snow falling past arched church-style windows that appear to have once contained stained glass.

So here is our question for you? Which studio deserves the best facade award? The Bean School of Dance in Fernandina Beach, The Wilson School of Dance in Charlottesville, VA or The Arts Castle in Delaware, OH?

P.S. We recently came across an article promoting this upcoming class online. Enjoy.