Friday, January 18, 2008


Our educational tour began in Newington, Connecticut at the Backstage Academy of Dance.

This was not only the first class of our tour, but our first class ever in the "Constitution State."

Newington is a perfect half way stop between the Boston and New York City areas and it is a good place to have friends.

From the web page of the Town of Newington:

Early names for the area were "Pipestave Swamp," then "Cow Plain," and later, "West Farms." These reflected its use first as a source of staves for making "pipes" (large sized barrels) used in colonial trade, then a pasture for cattle, and eventually, the new farms taken up by descendants of early Wethersfield settlers who had been given grants on the western frontier of their riverside town. By 1721 there were enough new farmers on these grants to request that the General Assembly of the Colony of Connnecticut give them the name "Newington." This name means new town in the meadow...

Personally, I would have gone with Pipestave Swamp. There are Newingtons in CT, VA, GA and NH but where else is there a Pipestave Swamp?

Thank you to Kimberly for hosting us and getting our educational tour off to a great start.