Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fantasy Like Fireworks

Reviews of the brand new Snow Maiden production by the Natalya Sats Musical Theater with the Russian National Ballet Foundation, are coming in. If you can read Russian, you will enjoy the entire reviews, which you can read by following the links below.

On the off chance that you do not, here are excerpts from the reviews in Kultura and Zaftra, two Russian arts publications. Translations courtesy Yulia Coe.

From Kultura:

"Fadeyev's fantasy is like fireworks. There are no traditional pas-des-deux or variations in the production, no static scenes - everything is in line with the dramatic development of the storyline. Everyone, from the soloist to the corps dancer, gets an individual identity and an emotional choreographic text..."

"...Fadeyev demonstrates his abilities to create comedy, not a common gift for choreographers in general and for the Russian ones in particular. He avoids pure classics in his productions. His choreography is the product of listening to the 'music of the body,' especially since the folkloric musical theme [of Snow Maiden] provides ample room for imagination. Fadeyev utilizes and masters it both in comical parts and in the dramatic text of the main characters."

From Zaftra:

"The ballet 'Snow Maiden' is one of those rare productions, where all the elements – music, stage design, costumes, dance monologues and dialogues, ensembles and mass scenes are in harmony, creating a beautifully wholesomeimage of a real-life, fairytale world based on the beliefs and rites of the ancient Slavs... it offers something for both adults and children, making it attractive as a family production that feeds minds and souls of audiences of all ages."

On the Road Again

In other news, Valery Lantratov will soon be embarking on another educational tour. I enjoyed seeing this graphic depiction of our route on Google Earth. I hope you will as well.