Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finally Our Second Podcast

Valery Lantratov spoke from Moscow today as he prepares to leave for a tour of Lebanon. He talked about his new Snow Maiden production, the difference in preparing for classical and contemporary productions and offered his advice to students who want to pursue a dance career.

Each interview segment is in .wav format. You can stream it and listen to it on line or save it to your hard drive by right clicking and selecting "save as." You will hear me ask a question, the voice of the translator, Yulia Coe, and then Valery Lantratov's response in Russian followed by the translation.

In the first segment Valery Lantratov talks about the Russian National Ballet Foundation's mission and the premiere of Snow Maiden

In the second segment, he continues his discussion of Snow Maiden.

In the third segment, Valery talks about his upcoming Nutcracker and Swan Lake tour and talks about the differences in preparing for a traditional classical story ballet and a new production like Snow Maiden.

In the fourth segment, Valery talks about teaching classes in America and gives advice to students who are worried that they may not have been born with the perfect ballerina figure.

In the fifth segment, Valery sends a greeting to the students he's worked with in the past, talks about his plans for the upcoming Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference and discusses the "international language of dance."

After the tape was off, Valery said his favorite part of the interview was sending a message to the students.

"Will they really hear it?" he asked.

"Of course," I said.

"Fantastic," he said. (In Russian, of course)

By the way, as you will note in the interview segments above, I was incorrect in reporting that Valery Lantratov was going to be in Cyprus with The Nutcracker. While he is on tour in Lebanon with a performance of Swan Lake/Nutcracker, Snow Maiden travels to Cyprus. You can see an ad for these shows here.