Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Resource of the Day: Dance Channel TV

A few days ago I wrote about a New York Times article which lamented the lack of classical ballet on television. It's the Internet to the rescue! If you long to see the Kirov on a screen in your house, but your cable company isn't cooperating, try your computer screen.

We've just discovered Dance Channel TV. It features free, high quality videos. most of which you can watch for free. Right now their offerings include performances by ABT, The Joffrey, Los Angeles Ballet, An Evening of Balanchine, Eifman Ballet and the Kirov. There are short documentary clips on Vladimir Vasiliev in Spartacus, on Rudolf Nureyev and (for a fee) you can rent a documentary on Alexander Godunov. There is also a section with interviews of ballet stars. If you run out of ballet, you can view other "channels" with different dance styles. Recommended!