Sunday, September 16, 2007

So You Think You Can See Dance on TV?

News from the World of Dance

The producers behind Bravo TV's Project Runway and Top Chef have announced that they will be creating a dance-themed reality series for the network. Open casting calls are scheduled to be held in several U.S. over the next month. Open casting calls are currently scheduled for Los Angeles on September 22; Chicago on September 29; New York on October 6; and Atlanta on October 13. If you want to try your luck, you can find audition information here.

Meanwhile Sarah Kaufmann, the Washinton Post's dance writer, published an article today with the title:
Dance Dilemma: Schlock Triumphs Over Ballet.

Kaufmann argues that even though it appears dance is one of the hottest things on TV now with shows like Dancing with the Stars, quality professional dance is becoming increasingly scarce, swept away by amateurs.

"Here's the irony," she writes. "The sharp rise in reality-show dance on TV is matched by a dizzying drop in public television broadcasts of the pros."

The article explores some of the reasons for this disparity including a lack of corporate sponsorship for dance.

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Ballet Blogs

We're just in the process of transforming our blog into something useful for the dance world at large. Great Dance has been at it since 2005. It features dance news, interviews, podcasts and lists of other ballet blogs and even dance companies on Myspace. It is a great resource.

For the inside view of a professional dancer's craft it doesn't get much better than The Winger. It was founded in the Spring of 2005 by Kristin Sloan, a dancer with the New York City Ballet, and features behind the scenes posts from numerous dancers.

The links and articles you can get to from these two sources can keep you surfing through dance articles for days.


If you have "friended" Valery Lantratov on Myspace, you may have noticed a change in our musical selection. The new selection is from the Dearing Concert Duo. They are a husband and wife team based in metro Detroit, Michigan. They perform at music festivals, chamber music series, small concert halls, universities and church music series on both sides of the Atlantic. In the past three years they won six awards presented by the Motor City Music Foundation.

Quote of the Day

“A ballet observed from the wings... is far more wonderful and far more beautiful... the wonderful compositions that lie ready to hand– the entrancing beauty of co-mingled beams of coloured light, with their myriad reflections on the dresses and limbs of the dancers; the tense attitude of the dancer awaiting her entry; the spectral figures of the attendant dressers encumbered with shawls, cloaks, powder-puffs and glasses of water; the terrific leap through the wings as a dancer makes her exit; the grotesque appearance of a closely-viewed painted face; the little groups of men and women exercising...the marvelous ever changing shadows.. What magnificent material!”-C.W. Beaumont, “Some New Paintings of the Russian Ballet,” Dancing World, June, 1922.