Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Ballet Trivia Quiz

I've been hard at work updating the web page for our book A Child's Introduction to Ballet. We've added a special ballet trivia quiz that you can take. Find out if your score qualifies you for the corps de ballet or a principal dancer role!

I've also updated the website dedicated to my books so that it has a shopping cart. Now through the end of the year I will be offering people who buy two or more books a special bonus-- an absolutely free copy of Bad Predictions. Just order two or more books and make a note in the instructions field that you'd like the free book and I'll send it out with your order.

Incidentally, we still have stickers with Valery Lantratov's autograph. If you'd like a copy of A Child's Introduction to Ballet with his signature, you can order that the same way. Just let us know in the "options" field on your order form. (I haven't tested the cart all the way through to a completed sale, so if you have any problem with it just e-mail me at

By the way, I wanted to remind you about a few features of this website. At the end of each article is a set of keywords. If you click on one of the keywords it will bring up all the articles related to that keyword. Want to see only stories related to your state? Click on "Virginia" and see what comes up. Want to look at dance news or resources? Try those keywords. (The older posts weren't as consistent with keywords, but going forward they should be)

Want to be sure you don't miss an article? Sign up to receive this in your e-mail box (on the right) or you can get it as an RSS feed. (I was able to do this automatically on my browser at work, you should be able to do so as well)

Finally, I wanted to point out that this blog has a feature for comments. We'd love to know that you're out there and reading. Let us know what you'd like us to cover here! And remember Valery has a profile on Myspace ( If you were in one of his classes and are on Myspace we'd love to "friend" you. Keep in touch!