Thursday, August 30, 2007

Familiar Faces on You Tube and Crystal Lake Continued

Yesterday, while relaxing in our hotel room, we made an interesting discovery on You Tube. Someone has uploaded a documentary called "A Year at the Bolshoi." For anyone who has wondered about the process of training at the famed Moscow Academy, it is a great introduction. Only one problem-- it's in French. So if you don't speak French (or the Russian the French is dubbed over) then you'll have to just enjoy it for the pictures.

What was most interesting was that when I went to show the film to Valery he immediately lit up. One of the thumbnails showed his son, Vladislav Lantratov, who is now a dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet. At the time this film was made, he was a student at the academy. He appears in a few places in segment 10 of the video (which has 11 parts) and may be in more-- we didn't have time to watch them all.

Meanwhile we continue our work in Crystal Lake. Valery had many compliments for Judith Svalander and for the technical level of the students here. He continues to work on technique, point and variations. We work with a pianist for the technique class and recorded music for the rest. "It is good for children to work with a piano," Valery said, "for organic music."