Monday, August 6, 2007

A Dance Free Weekend

After our class in Utica, we had a rare vacation. We drove on to the Boston area for a weekend relaxing with Valery's friends and family. Our next class after Boston was in New Cumberland, PA. This created our longest drive of the entire tour and our personal record for the most states crossed in a single day- six. From Massachusetts we drove through Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and finally Pennsylvania.

We had an early class in the spacious New Cumberland School of Ballet in New Cumberland, PA before getting back on the road for a drive to Virginia.

My memory is a bit vague on the topic, but it may have been at this studio where we overheard a young student asking, "Is Moscow in Canada?" There may be a Moscow in Canada for all we know, there are several in the U.S. including one we visited in Michigan and on the drive from Pennsylvania to Virginia we passed the town of East Berlin. The continued existence of East Berlin in America amused Valery quite a bit and we talked about getting out and taking a picture by the road sign but, alas, did not do it.

Incidentally, I lived in Pennsylvania for a while and I remember its slogan as "you have a friend in Pennsylvania." It has apparently been changed to "state of independence." Sounds as if the state had a falling out with Ohio and Virginia and is now taking some time to be on its own.