Friday, August 10, 2007

Charlottesville, Virginia

The Wilson School of Dance is memorable for a number of reasons. First because it is located in an old church building on a wooded lot. Light shines through the arched windows and lends a warm glow to the wooden fixtures including a few left over pews. Second, our host was the extremely welcoming Juanita Wilson. She had a spread of food for us, and would probably have spoken to Valery for hours if we didn't have the long drive to North Carolina ahead of us.

Finally we remember this city for the weather. It was the hottest spot on our tour, a muggy 104 F or so. Pshew! The Virginian students said things like "it's a little hot." For a Muscovite like Valery it was HOT!

Thank you to Juanita Wilson for inviting us to this lovely studio. We hope to return.