Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Carolina On My Mind

Here we are squinting in the sun at The Well, the University of North Carolina's famous landmark. Temperatures soared during our four day stay in the "research triangle" area. (The children don't belong to us, they are my niece and nephew, Sophia and Emerson.)

We scheduled a stay of several days thinking we'd likely return to many of the studios we visited in winter. For most of them it just didn't work out for August. Maybe Carolina folk hide and soak up air conditioning when it's 104 out. I probably would.

We had two classes on August 13 at the Greensboro Day School in Greensboro. Afterwards we had a pleasant visit with the owners and made plans for our next trip to the state. I didn't take any photos in this class because I saw other cameras flashing. If I get copies, I'll try to post them later.

For the rest of our stay we enjoyed what Carolina has to offer. My new favorite dish is "shrimp and grits," a Chapel Hill specialty. We sampled the local fare at the Carolina brewery and took a tour of campus before heading off for our marathon of 26 classes in two weeks, then a weekend of travel and another full week before the end.