Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beckley, WV

I've been trying to teach Valery the song "Country Roads Take Me Home." He knows it now as that West Virginia song, but he hasn't quite caught onto the words, so as we wind through the mountains he sings, "... West Virginia... river... mountain... .... .... West Virginia... papa, mama..."
It passes the time.

We headed to a studio officially known as Beckley Dance Theater. We call it "Jerry Rose" for its director. (The link is to a picture in the Beckley Register-Herald). The studio is busy with three back-to-back classes of different levels each day. What is most interesting is that with all the comings and goings of kids, Jerry Rose's studio lacks much of the chaos you normally see in these situations. It has a calm, laid back feeling. At least it did when we were there for early morning classes.

We are also fond of Beckley with its mountain scenery and-- for the shoppers among us-- low prices. I finally bought myself a laptop computer with a WiFi connection, allowing me rather belatedly to update this blog.