Friday, August 24, 2007

Almost Heaven Part II (Charleston, WV)

Thank you again to Michelle, Donna, Julie and Jim for making us feel so welcome in Charleston. The family hosted us for a week and took us to see the Clay Center for the Arts and helped Valery find a new pair of dance shoes. We finished a wonderful week with a sushi dinner and great company.

In between all these activities we had three classes a day with students of three different levels at the River City Youth Ballet. This year it was named the "Official Youth Ballet" of West Virginia by the state legislature and it's easy to see why. The students have great preparation. It is a pleasure to work with young people who are focused and who learn quickly.

Before we left the great state of West Virginia, we talked about plans for future projects. We hope to have more news to announce here soon.

I hope you enjoy these little video clips from our classes. If the dancers all look a little short and stout it is because my conversion software truncated them when I switched from .mov to mpg format to be compatible with this blog.