Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Valparaiso, IN: July 10

After our adventures with the lost folder, Valery bought me a special birthday gift, a new set of luggage. Now I have a small shoulder bag that holds everything I need on the road so I will not leave anything behind. I also have a medium sized case for lugging our books in and out of studios. The Mirror Image Dance Academy in Valparaiso, IN was the first studio I entered with my new ensemble. Now we arrive for classes with our travel bags as though we're moving in. It's a much better arrangement.

This was a large and lively class. I didn't take any pictures because owner Deanna Gallardo is also a photographer, and she was taking shots that I am sure will be much better than mine. In the beginning of the class, she was trying to take photos and participate in the class at the same time. I think this is the first time we've seen that!

There was also a photographer on hand from the Post-Tribune. They ran a nice photo feature on the second page (in which they spelled Valery's name "Lantrov"), but I do not think it is available in the on-line edition.

Valparaiso is very close to Gary, Indiana where we would have an evening class, so we stayed in the same hotel. This gave us a rare opportunity to actually go back to the hotel and rest up between classes. What a wonderful luxury!