Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Small Classes in Fowlerville, MI

We've found that some studios have larger classes in the summer because of special workshops that draw from other area studios. Then there are the other area studios, which have too many students on vacation.

In winter, we visited Maria's School of Dance in Fowlerville, MI and had a large and lively class.

So this summer Maria scheduled two classes with Valery one on Tuesday July 24 and one on Thursday July 26.

Only four students were able to attend the classes, and they certainly got one on one attention in class. The students at Fowlerville are focused, pay attention and take correction well. Small classes like this can be great for the students, but they are more tiring for them because they don't have much opportunity to rest while other groups of students work on combinations.

After class we spoke about the world of dance competitions in America, which we know little about. We're aware of them because of the trophies that line the walls of most studios, but we haven't been to any to see what's involved.