Sunday, July 22, 2007

Northville, MI

I'm not sure what Northville is "north" in relation to. The most likely spot would be Detroit, as it is a Detroit suburb, but it is located well to the west-- not the north.

The Center Stage Dance Company in Northville, Michigan is a series of studios in a business warehouse. One studio was packed with theatrical costumes and props which suggests the students do a lot of performing. On one wall was a large sliding door for a truck bay. The floor was decorated with parallel lines in different colors and one blue line on the diagonal.

It was a bit unusual in that the class for the more advanced students came before the class for the lower level. So instead of moving up throughout the day to more advanced combinations, Valery had to subtract for the second class. I only took a few photos in this class, and unfortunately they did not come out well so I have nothing to share here.

This was a new studio for us, and our first time in Northville. Thank you to Lisa Shapiro for inviting us.