Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Classes

On Friday, July 27th we were originally scheduled to be at one of our favorite schools, The River Raisin Center in Monroe, MI. We've gone there twice and even talked about doing a special weekend long intensive there. Unfortunately, Monroe had the same summer vacation problem that plagued Fowlerville and Dexter, and the class was canceled at the last minute. We're hoping to be able to reschedule for the Labor Day weekend, which is the next time we'll be in Michigan, and if we do we'll keep you posted.

We have a few new classes to announce. On August 6 at 10AM we'll be at the New Cumberland School of Ballet in New Cumberland, PA.

On August 9 we'll have two classes, the first beginning at 1PM at Arabesque Dance Studio in Columbia, MD.

We may have a few more class announcements in the next couple of days, and after that we should be all done with adding classes. So far we've done 42 classes in five states. So having an extra day off on Friday was not entirely unwelcome.

We used the opportunity to visit Detroit's new River Walk, Greektown and the Renaissance Center, which is in fact where Valery Lantratov and I met and worked together for the first time in the fall of 2002. I was the public relations director for a U.S. company that had hired his foundation to provide dancers, and I was largely responsible for a sponsorship promotion with the Saturn division of General Motors. They bought a private concert performance in the Wintergarden at the Renaissance Center, and I was there to act as the liason between the sponsors and the dancers. Because of this history, Valery has more of a soft spot for Detroit than your average Russian tourist might have.

We spent an enjoyable, although hot and humid, afternoon gazing at Canada across the Detroit river. We rode around the circle of the People Mover (elevated train) and looked at all the local landmarks we know like the Detroit Opera House and the Joe Louis Arena. (Valery is a fan of the Red Wings).

Saturday and Sunday we're going to have a rare weekend of total rest before getting back in the car and heading on to the east/south portion of our trip. As of now we're scheduled to teach 47 more classes in seven states.