Saturday, July 7, 2007

Muncie, IN July 7

After Monticello, to paraphrase the song City of New Orleans (by Steve Goodman, made popular by Arlo Guthrie) we "drove along past houses farms and fields" although more farms and fields than houses. We saw a school and a church surrounded by nothing but corn and soybeans for miles. The towns in this area have old world names like Norway and Peru.

We were looking forward to seeing our friend Lisa Love again. We always have a nice time in Muncie. Last time, after class, we went to a Thai restaurant with Lisa and all the students and we plan to go out for dinner after this class as well.

One of the problems with doing classes in summer is that many students go on vacation. So our class in Muncie had only about eight students. The upside of this is that each student gets a lot of individual attention. Of course, Lisa Love would like to give more of her students the opportunity to have class with Valery, so we made a plan to return on August 28th. Mark your calendar.

After class we went to a Chinese buffet! We talked about our expertise in this area and Lisa recommended a sushi restaurant which we might visit some day if we ever remember the name or the city. (Note to self: start writing these things down.)

After a very nice meal and conversation, we got back in the car for a long drive along highway 65 towards Chicago. This was the Saturday after Independence Day and Indiana's flat terrain allows you to scan the horizon for miles. Once it became dark we had a constant display of fireworks on either side of the road. It was like we were being feted all the way to our hotel.