Saturday, July 7, 2007

Monticello, Indiana July 7

Last winter we arrived in Monticello, Indiana under cover of darkness and left the same way. I mentioned in this blog that Monticello had "beautiful scenery on the lakes" that we did not see.

It is much more pleasant to travel in the summer with the long daylight hours. We have more energy and more time to experience some of the places where we teach.

We arrived in Monticello the evening before our class and checked into the Pine View Resort. It seemed like a nice hotel if you want to get away for a relaxing vacation. It has a large golf course and an attractive pool- although we took advantage of neither. Most interesting for us was the car dealership across the street. The cars were displayed on the edge of a corn field. It was a nice bit of Americana.

Instead we drove past a drive in movie theater and stopped at a small Chinese buffet. We like to eat at buffet style restaurants, especially Chinese buffets. You don't need to wait for table service, you get variety and enough food to fill a dancer who has just finished teaching two classes, and you don't need to read menus in English. After three educational tours we're becoming experts on the nation's Chinese buffets. We waxed nostalgic about the best Asian buffet we experienced. We remembered all the options and the wonderful sushi, but neither of us could remember in what city we found it. We had a vague notion it might have been somewhere in Indiana.

But perhaps you were more interested in ballet... Dance Magic in Monticello is a spacious studio above the shops on the town's main street. We were happy to see that they had four boys in the class. Most studios in the U.S. seem to have one or two boys and Valery often ends up addressing the class like: "Good job girls... and boy."

In Monticello, Valery gave his children's class its first full unveiling and the boys really came to life during the jumps in the center. Once again we had "very good emotion" and we left for Muncie with smiles on our faces.