Saturday, July 21, 2007

July 21: Stars Unlimited

After a full week at the Mary Kay Manning School, we were reminded that there are also joys in discovering new studios every day.

Wauseon, Ohio (population 7,400), the county seat of Fulton County, is located in the northwest corner of Ohio. Thirty miles east of the Indiana line and 30 miles west of Toledo.

There was some kind of local festival when we arrived for our classes at the Stars Unlimited School of Dance and Baton. The result was that the road was closed on both ends. We took a chance at driving around a barricade, and got to the studio as planned.

The studio is long and narrow with brick walls and a tile floor with a white star in the center. On the wall was a giant cutout of a bear in a leotard. The studio has the largest collection of cassette tapes I've seen in some time. We began with an hour and a half of private instruction with a student named Jenifer who clearly loves ballet.

We followed up with a class with a wide array of ages. There were too many students to fit at the barre, so the older students used a railing that separated a viewing area from the dance space. Valery alternately taught his simple combinations to the little children, and more advanced combinations to the older students.

After class Valery posed for pictures and signed autographs and then it was off to Michigan.