Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 15: Pole Dancing in Toledo

On Sunday we had one of our most unique classes. Valery spent three hours giving private instruction to the owner of Paulette's Studio of Dance which is located in an old school building in Toledo, Ohio. This is not so unusual. What made it unique is that Paulette's niche is teaching pole dancing for fitness. Her students are adults, and she wants to add ballet to her ballroom and pole dance offerings. From where I was sitting to run the music, I could see a large cardboard cut out of Fabio and feather boas, which are not standard equipment at most of our ballet studios.

Paulette trained in ballet back in college, but has since had a more eclectic dance career including dancing in Las Vegas with Sigfried and Roy's show.

The class was a combination of technique and conversation. Valery showed class combinations to Paulette, and they talked about them. Working with one student had a much more relaxed feel than teaching a class of 20. After class, Paulette showed Valery some of her pole dance moves, but was not successful in getting him to try the pole himself.

After this unique class we go on to a full week with the students at Mary Kay Manning's studio in Brunswick, Ohio (near Cleveland). Although we've had the chance to work with many students several times with repeat visits, this will be our first full week working intensively with the same students. We're really looking forward to working this way and having the chance to see students progress over the course of the week.

Here is your fun geographic trivia fact of the day: Did you know that Western Reserve, a ten-county area in northeastern Ohio (home to Mary Kay Manning's studio) was once claimed by Connecticut? It's true.

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