Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hanover Park, IL: July 8

One of our new favorite studios is the Faubourg School of Ballet in Hanover Park, IL. We had planned to do one class here, but when we arrived, Watmora Casey, the director asked if Valery could follow the technique class with a pointe class.

The studio teaches only classical ballet and has the best floor we've experienced in all our travels in America. We had arrived during the school's summer intensive. The students take class six days a week, but had signed up to take this special class on the seventh. (Sunday) The students are dedicated and serious and take instruction well. It was a true pleasure for Valery to teach here and also to meet Watmora Casey. He is justly proud of his studio and has a great personality.

Had we known we'd be back in Hanover Park the next day, perhaps we could have done another class. After class I stopped at an ATM and we started to drive to Wisconsin. After 40 minutes or so I asked Valery to hand me my folder so I could check the information on our hotel. My folder? It was on top of the ATM in Hanover Park. Oops. There were no valuables in the folder, only our itinerary, information on all our classes and all our hotels. I called the bank, and told them we'd be back the next day. Fortunately, we would be heading from Wisconsin back to Indiana, and Hanover Park was not too far out of our way. Thus our travel dramas begin.