Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gary, IN: July 10

Gary, Indiana is one of our favorite cities in which to teach. We've had wonderful experiences every time we've been there.

This was our second visit to the big, lively Dance Excel studio. The kids here are open and warm. One boy who we remember from our last class greeted us each with a strong handshake. The boy pictured to the right has speedy spins and large leaps. Valery is giving him some pointers here on his arm positions for his chaines.

We were told that the kids are taking part in the studio's summer camp and they'd been there that day since 9 AM. Our class started at 6PM. If they were tired, we didn't see any evidence of it.

This studio also produces an impressive glossy magazine. The current edition featured pictures from our last visit and they gave Valery a copy to take back to Moscow. We look forward to returning to Gary in the future.

The routing back to our hotel in Valparaiso took us through Merrillville. On the way we spotted a Chinese buffet, and decided to stop. We got a sense of deja vu. "I think we've eaten here before," I said. Indeed, we had been at this buffet. Last summer we had classes in Hobart and Gary and we stayed in Merrillville for three days. It was then that we remembered that the super buffet we'd been so nostalgic about was also in this city. Last summer we ate at this little buffet and the next day at a different buffet. So we still don't remember the name or exactly where it was-- but we do know in what city we found this place. If we get back here we'll have to look for this place.