Saturday, July 21, 2007

The End of the Week

We finished our week at the Mary Kay Manning School with mixed emotions. There was a feeling of joy and satisfaction at finishing our first full week course, but it is also a little sad because after a full week we've become attached to the kids.

Some of my favorite moments in our finale day came during the children's class. (The rabbit dance shown here is from the little kids' class) First we worked for an hour with the children on the dances they had rehearsed and then the window blinds were open and dozens of mom and dad faces were pressed against the glass.

Throughout the week there had been one very little girl who liked to talk to Valery during the combinations at the barre. "This is my favorite," she said every time he started to do rond de jambe par terre. She tended to trail a few paces behind the other girls and couldn't always remember whether to step with the right or left foot, but she performed with gusto. After the last combination, as she came in a few steps behind the others, Valery gave her a big hug. We'll miss seeing these familiar faces every day.

We saw a lot of change in the students over the course of the week, and the regular teachers, Mary Kay and Tammy took copious notes. So we leave feeling as though our visit did make a difference and we hope the students got a lot out of it.

Thanks to Jennifer Hunter we have too many photographs from these classes. (I believe she will be sharing her photos with Mary Kay) So we don't have to worry about forgetting faces.

The photo above shows one of the students from the middle class speaking to Valery as he stretches between classes.

Thank you to Mary Kay and Tammy and everyone at the studio and thanks also to the Hunter Family for hosting us and for being great friends. It is great to have an excuse to visit.

Next we head to Stars Unlimited in Wauseon, Ohio for private instruction followed by a regular technique class. It will be late August before we have another chance to spend a full week with the same students. We are ready!

(These are the students from the advanced class)