Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Class in Leesburg, VA

We're pleased to announce a new class at the Loudoun School of Ballet in Leesburg, Virginia. We will be there at 10 AM on August 8. Leesburg is a beautiful colonial town in Northern Virginia near Washington D.C. I (Laura Lee) lived there for a time when I was a radio announcer, and I'm looking forward to introducing the area to Valery Lantratov.

Incidentally, as we wait for Valery's arrival in the U.S.-- as if I didn't have real work to to-- I have been playing around updating Valery's myspace page and adding some content. There's a new slide show there. Let us know how you like it.

Who is that woman sitting in the back?

I'm Laura Lee, Valery Lantratov's U.S. representative. I set up the classes, make travel arrangements and so on. During class I'm that woman pushing buttons on the CD machine. I'm also the writer of this blog and the author of A Child's Introduction to Ballet. My writing career is generally off the topic of this blog unless it's about our ballet book. So I don't plan to include any of that kind of news here. If you do have an interest in reading about my books you can do so at (Although the page hasn't been updated in a while) I also very occasionally post news in a mini-blog on my new Myspace page