Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The First Valery Lantratov Podcast!

Valery Lantratov is the General Director and Artistic Director of the Russian National Ballet Foundation. He is returning to the U.S. this summer to teach at schools in several states including a number of week-long intensives.

I interviewed him by telephone in Moscow about what students can expect in his classes, what his own training in ballet under the Soviet system was like, and why young people should care about this old art form.

The interview segments are in MP3 format. The interview was conducted with interpreter Yulia Coe. You will hear me asking the question, Yulia repeating it in Russian, Valery Lantratov's answer, and then the English translation.

Even if you don't speak Russian, I hope that you will enjoy hearing his actual responses and voice. You may listen by clicking on the links below or right click and save as to download the file to your computer or ipod.

1. Valery discusses his memories of America including some of his favorite studios, and talks about what he is looking forward to this time around, and what students can expect from his classes. (Time: 6:42)

2. I ask Valery if he learns from his students. (Time: :34)

3. Valery talks about training in Russia under the Soviet system. (Time: 5:07)

4. Valery talks about his most memorable teacher and how he learned the hard way to pay attention in class. (Time: 5:28)

5. Valery talks about the timelessness of ballet and why it is relevant to young people today. (Time: 7:26)

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