Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Days 32-35: Cancellations and Miscommunications

People who work in the arts often prefer to do business on a handshake than with lawyers and rigid contracts. We have had mostly good luck with this system and have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful people.

We discovered the downside as we headed into the last legs of our tour only to have six different studios cancel on less than two week's notice. The result was that our carefully crafted schedule fell to pieces a bit at this point. We're very pleased that three studios were able to add classes on extremely short notice-- in a couple of cases in a matter of days. Thank you so much to the Lincoln Park Dance Academy, Allard Academy of Dance and Milligan School of Ballet, which we'll be talking about soon.

Last summer we traveled to northern Michigan and had a wonderful, small class with students in Saint Ignace, located in Michigan's upper peninsula just across the Mackinac Bridge. There are very few places more beautiful in August. Although we knew it would be a different experience heading so far north in the winter chill, we were looking forward to coming back. We regret that a cancelation from another Northern Michigan studio forced us to cancel the Saint Igance engagement. We hope to come back in summer and enjoy the lake views again.

The result was that we had an entire weekend free. We spent our time in Detroit where we visited the Henry Ford complex. (Originally it was the "Henry Ford Museum," but some marketing genius decided to change the name to simply "The Henry Ford." I stand in protest to this name for it's annoying lack of a noun. I think you should join me. While we're at it, maybe we can get Starbucks to stop using the word "Venti" as a size for coffee and force them to use real words.) During our free time, we had the chance to see an IMAX film at the Detroit Science Center and to do a bit more shopping.

On Sunday, February 11, we got in the car for the long drive to the Living Arts Dance Studio near Lansing. We deeply regret a miscommunication that kept students waiting and caused us to miss the class. Living Arts has two studios, and while we sat for the entire duration of the class outside one closed studio, the students waited for the Russian master teacher at the other studio. With the new classes we were able to schedule for Valery's last days in America, we weren't able to reschedule. Hopefully we can make it up to you next time.